Salesian Strenna 2015 launched

“Like Don Bosco, with the young, for the young. “

To say Don Bosco is to say young people. It is almost inconceivable to recall the history of the saint without the company of young people. Don Rua, his first successor had this to say of him: “He took no step, said no word, nor took up any task that was not directed to the salavation of youth …”. It is with this foundation and source that Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, the tenth Successor of Don Bosco, had announced the theme of his first strenna, for the year of the Bicentenary of the birth of the founder, which goes straight to the heart of the mission: “Like Don Bosco, with the young, for the young. “

The strenna once again is offered by the Rector Major as the successor of Don Bosco and therefore as the father of the whole Salesian Family that, while recognizing the distinction and diversity of the groups, finds further incentive to meet and live with a common goal which is the sharing of Salesian mission at the service of young people, especially the poorest.

The communion of the Salesian Family is not an end in itself, nor should it be for internal purposes, but it must be a gift in the Church: the Salesian charism is a gift for the whole Church, just like all the other charisms of the Holy Spirit offered for the evangelizing mission, as cited by Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium.

Fr. Fernandez Artime reminds us of the source of apostolic dynamism that sustained Don Bosco and must also sustain each member of the Salesian Family: the pastoral charity that has as its fundamental model, the heart of Jesus. This icon is the center of the Salesian educational action that call us to be caught up in the plan of God.

The Rector Major insists in giving attention and priority to young people, especially the poorest, and invites us to make our own, with a specific commitment, the call of Pope Francis have at heart the periphery, “the periphery is the most characteristic feature of our DNA Salesian.”

Valdocco and Mornese with other areas were the outskirts of those times and today, to say periphery means to identify “the guiding star in navigation” as the last and the poorest, reaffirms Don Fernandez Artime, they are “specific to our DNA as the Salesian charism.”

In this horizon, having in common the educational charism of Don Bosco, the Salesian Family members are witnesses of God’s love and want to be a gift for the young; but they must also be equally convinced that, as stated by Don Juan Vecchi, the poor youth are themselves a gift that encourages us in our journey and to overcome the risks of mediocrity, to go beyond our own safe areas, to remain open to the Holy Spirit.

For all these good intentions, and so that these resolutions come true, says the Rector Major announcing strenna for 2015, we rely on the grace and blessing of the Lord, with the maternal intercession of Mary, “the most lofty collaborator of the Spirit Spirit.”

The full text of the presentation of the strenna 2015 is available in the Service Section of ANS and

Source: Info ANS

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