Salt of the Earth: Light of the World

saltThere is something very attractive about this series by Fr Peter Varengo (this is the second – a few months back he published Seed Among the Vines, Year C), and you don't have to go far to realise what it is – the covers give you a hint: "A spirituality of the Sunday Gospels". That's what makes this series of interest not just to the priest or deacon wanting an idea or two for the Sunday homily, but for any Christian reader wanting to stay with Jesus for a little while.

Peter does not set out to provide scriptural exegesis of the text he has before him each Sunday. Instead he wants to wrestle with experience, and touch that to the Gospel text. What emerges is reflection in the light of faith on what happens to people. What unfolds is a spirituality and theology, not a system invented by some religious person then applied to human concerns, but the other way around – the person 'becomes' religious through reflecting on human experience in the light of the Gospel, hence, the all-important subtitle.

Foreword by Archbishop Timothy Costelloe, sdb
The Salesian Archbishop of Perth writes the foreword to this book. "Fr Peter invites us, through the generous sharing of his own life, to allow the Gospel of Matthew, read at Mass each Sunday, to prompt us to identify and welcome the touch of God in the daily reality of our own lives. This is the special genius of this book and it is indeed a spiritualtiy that can enrich each day and allows us to recognise the presence of God who is so close to us."

Back cover blurb
"The reflections by a master craftsman are written to unpack the Gospel – not simply matthew's special theological emphasis but his teaching about how we are to live with one another in the stuff of everyday. Integral to the book is the author's assumption that life and faith belong together; that Gos who brings freshness and light into our lives is lavish with gifts, patient and energising for goodness, for fruitfulness, for life in its fullness. Here is a book that takes seriously the command of Jesus that we be life-giving in our world, encouraging us to become people fully alive with theenergy of the lfie of the Creator".

Salt of the earth; Light of the world
A spirituality of the Sunday Gospels

ISBN: 978-1-74324-115-8