Fundraising – Salesian College Sunbury

help haiti

help haitiFundraising for Term One will be focussed on Haiti. At Salesian College in Sunbury, we have two aims: to contribute to the rebuilding of the Salesian schools and youth centres in Haiti, the majority of which were destroyed in the recent earthquake.

We will also be sending money to Caritas Australia which is linked to Caritas Haiti. Caritas is providing emergency relief in terms of food, tents, shelter and medical services, as well as continuing to fund long term projects aimed to improve the living conditions and educational opportunities for the poorest Haitians.

We have already raised $2,169 on our House Top Day last week. However, this is just the beginning. Money will be collected through the Caritas collection boxes in the homerooms during Lent. Money will be raised selling pancakes on Shrove Tuesday (yesterday) and there will be a raffle and other lunchtime activities during the term.

If families would like to make donations directed to the Salesian schools and youth centres in Haiti, they are welcome to make these through the College and a tax deductible receipt will be provided, via the Salesian Missions Office. Donations can be made through Pam Egan at the Administration Office.


Source: Salesian College Sunbury