Season of Hope

Christians celebrate the season of Advent in joyful hope for the coming of the Messiah. It is a four-week period of joy and excitement. It is a very exciting holiday time to prepare ourselves, our families and friends to celebrate the Nativity of the Lord.

Christmas, one of the happiest celebrations in our life, is celebrated at the conclusion of this joyful Advent season.

We should always feel joyful in this time of the year. We are happy to commemorate the arrival of the Messiah, the one who delivers us from the darkness of sin and struggles in life. We are also happy because God has come amongst us as a human person in Jesus Christ through the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Christ is the Emmanuel, meaning God-with-us. God actually is always with us! God is with us for sure, but also be sure of ourselves to be with God.

In this joyful season and at Christmas, please have some time out to be with God, to worship Him with your local Christian community, and to recognize His presence in your family.

We hope, wish and pray that you all be surrounded by God’s love, peace and happiness in this festive season. Have a very merry Christmas and blessed New Year 2014!

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