Seeking for Cagliero Volunteers

Applications are now open for the January 2017 intake of the Cagliero Project.

The Cagliero Project gives Australians an opportunity to devote six to twelve months in volunteer service to youth in overseas Salesian communities. The Salesians are known for their work with vulnerable and disadvantaged youth. Therefore our volunteers are placed in projects such as schools, youth centres and orphanages.

We aim to utilise the skills and talents of our volunteers in order to provide the best possible contribution to the host community. Our aim is not to ‘help’ but to walk in solidarity with young people and for volunteer and host to have a mutual learning experience. We are also present in host communities to be role models, people that young people can aspire to be.

Cagliero volunteers commit themselves to working in the ‘Salesian way’. This means that young people are the central focus in all work. The Salesian way also means approaching life in a joyful way with a loving heart. The experience as a Cagliero volunteer is not about the volunteer but is focused on the people we go to serve. However, serving as a Cagliero volunteer will probably be the most rewarding thing you ever do!

Applications are due by Saturday, October 15th. Please visit our website: for more information or contact Lauren at

Are you ready to take up the challenge?


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