Signis Conference in Vatican

signis in vaticanWelcoming the participants of the SIGNIS World Congress taking place in Rome this week, Pope Francis said “Catholic communicators are increasingly challenged to present the wisdom, truth and beauty of the Gospel in a language capable of touching the minds and hearts of countless people who thirst for meaning and direction in their lives as individuals and members of society”.

The focus of the 2014 Congress in fact on the new generation and new media with the theme “Media for a Culture of Peace: Creating Images with the New Generation”.

The Congress unites several generations of communicators to explore the challenges of responding creatively to a new multimedia era.
11 workshops will be aimed at Catholic media professionals from different audiovisual areas and expertise. They will tackle, among others, social media, journalism, social marketing, cinema and spirituality, social documentaries, multimedia radio, communications training and media education.

The Congress will also offer a Video Journalists training and coverage, the results of the SIGNIS Competitions, the premiere of a new documentary and the giving of two Lifetime Achievements Awards.

One of the participants at the Congress is Jesuit Father Edward Siebert, President of the Jesuit Los Angeles-based Loyola Productions.

Speaking to Vatican Radio’s Linda Bordoni, Fr Siebert says his company has been in business for about 10 years. He says it does a lot of documentary work and uses online and multiple platforms in terms of the visual media for communication. He says the SIGNIS Conference is an opportunity to meet other Catholic producers from around the world.

Fr Siebert says Loyola Productions was initially set up to reach people within the Jesuit family – Institutions, friends, family and others who were interested in and inspired by stories that we can tell. The initiative – he says – grew beyond expectations, especially with the use of the internet and online platforms “we’re able to reach a much larger audience”.

Fr Siebert says Loyola Productions is currently launching what he calls the INN-Network: a way for us to tell stories with an Ignatian lenz, stories that will inspire other people, that will share information with other people. So – he says – it’s not just catechetical or educational, but it’s inspirational – stories that will hopefully make people realize that they are loved by God and that they have a responsibility to go out and change the world…

Siebert also talks about the company’s new initiatives called the INNdustry with Sister Rose. He says Sister Rose is a media-literary specialist. He says she gives her take on film and current media productions.

Source: The Vatican News

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