Mazzarello Leading the Way at Xavier College

Mazzarello House The Winners

Mazzarello House The Winners

Xavier College held its annual Athletics Day on Wednesday 3rd March in warm and sunny conditions.  Leading up to the event, the House Directors placed a great deal of emphasis on student participation in both the lead up events and those run on the day. Every point was pivotal in deciding the overall Athletics Day champion as well as earning valuable House points towards the 2010 Bosco Cup.

With a full day devoted to this year’s Athletics Day carnival, new initiatives were included in the program. The most notable being the blue ribbon event of the 100m finals and the return of staff?student relays.  Scores were extremely close throughout the day, with regular updates showing how close the final result was going to be. During the day, three Houses held the lead on at least one occasion. There were many outstanding individual performances by students, with a total of 15 records being broken.

Thank you to all teachers for their assistance, the grounds crew for their help in preparing the field, the office staff for their help with first aid and Ms. Stacey and Mrs. Hutton for their work in the food vans.

Ultimately it was the combination of Mazzarello’s dominance in the relays and their high participation rate that saw them crowned the 2010 Athletics Day Champions, breaking MacKillop/Occhiena’s 5 year rein as champions. 

Congratulations to Mr Polito and all staff and students associated with Mazzarello on their outstanding result.


Final Scores:

  1. Mazzarello 2875
  2. de Sales 2567
  3. Occhiena 2549
  4. Handley 2234