Dear Smithy!

Dear Smithy!

Dear Smithy!Dear Smithy,

Despite being in the wrong place at the wrong time out there ‘on the Wallaby’ in the Channel country, I hope you are able to appreciate the inhibiting water expanse as a blessing for that thirsty country.   Sitting out there with not much better to do than watch the water rise, how are you filling in the time?   In the Old Testament, besides the references to the great Flood, there are several references to the need to step out of the rat-race so as to experience the calm in which there is a fair chance of meeting the Almighty.   He’s not in the whirlwind we are told, but comes in the gentle breeze.   So don’t curse the flood, patiently await the embrace of that gentle breeze.

Hopefully I’ll have a chance to sit at the entrance to the cave with the stone rolled back and enjoy some time-out and a similar enriching experience after the whirlwind of Term I here at the educational frontline.   I gather that it won’t be long before the wind picks up over this way and the potential for a storm to brew as the Chapter opens next week.   What’s the mid-term forecast?  Have you read the signs in the sky?   With Peter Swain no longer around to interpret the signs in the skys for us, to whom do we turn for an accurate forecast?

As an alternative, there are 19 pages to leaf through and a clutch of dot points to sort out in search of the oracle’s message.   That’s enough for a mild headache to carry into the Holy Week Triduum and the Easter Celebrations.   We’ll certainly need a prophet to help line the dot points up in their proper order and to read the whispers in the breeze in the hope of giving some shape to a yet unteathered future.

We’ll be thinking of you sitting out there watching the flotsam and jetsam floating by as you wait for the way ahead to open up again.  I hope supplies hold out, that your swag stays clear of the high-water level and that there is plenty of entertainment provided in the flocks of fawner re-appearing in the misnamed wasteland (‘terra nullius’ how ignorant !!).


Cheers, Smithy, may your patience last,

Ya’ole china plate!