The American Continental Communication Meeting

San Paolo SSCS Meeting(ANS – San Paolo) – Attended by 30 Communication Delegates from the Provinces of the American continent, on 24 September a Social Communication meeting began on the examination and the implementation of the new Salesian Social Communication System (SSCS). Also present were the Councillor for the America South Cone Region, Fr Natale Vitali and the General Councillor for Social Communication, Fr Filiberto González.

Fr Vitali opened the meeting, welcoming the Delegates and inviting them to take the lead in their own Provinces, identifying the Mission as the priority and developing the various communicative aspects of the works. Fr González then thanked all those present for their positive response to the invitation of the SC Department and the work they carry out, and encouraging them to make the best use of the meeting and to learn and to take away new methods, new formation elements and all that communication has to offer. Regarding the SSCS various proposals emerged: strategies for its implementation; the creation of synergy among the Departments for the Salesian Mission; support for the formation of Salesians and lay people working in SC; make better use of the role of the Delegate for Social Communication; adopt a more professional approach to communication and to networking.

In the first session the Delegates from the 22 Provinces gave the results of the first studies of the SSCS, the suggestions of the Provincial Councils and the proposals for short, medium and long term practical implementation. They also indicated the differences among the Provinces regarding the resources made available, the implementation of SC among Salesians in initial and ongoing formation, strategies of marketing, public relations and new products.

In the evening in groups they discussed 4 specific themes: what is being done to support an integrated formation; preparations for the celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco; the official public image; a single logo. At the end the Provincial of San Paolo, Fr Marco Biaggi greeted the Delegates.

At the end of the day Fr Vitali gave the Good Night presenting the challenges facing the Region, in particular evangelisation of the people regarding popular religion, concerns about professional education and formation and the pastoral training of Rectors, vocation promotion, the reorganisation of the foundations and religious discipline. In conclusion he invited the Delegates to re-vitalise the life of the Provinces and to create the means to develop better and activate the Salesian charism.


Source: InfoANS