St Mark’s gathered together to begin a new year

St Mark’s College in Port Pirie gathered together to formally offer thanks for the beginning of the year with an opening Eucharist. It was a time of formal ceremony and a time of unity as a community.

The college community was so grateful that their Bishop, Most Rev. Greg O’Kelly, was present to celebrate Mass and helped them make sense of the Benedict Hall being an opportunity for sacredness. He was charming and encouraging. Bishop Greg was joined by Fathers Paul and Francis. The huge Benedict Hall was made a sacred space with their presence.

There were over a thousand people present. Many parents came along, students were seated and cooperative, and we responded to this moment with grace and reverence.

During the service, Bishop Greg blessed a golden statue of St John Bosco and asked them to be reminded of God’s presence through it.

This year is the 200th anniversary of the birth of St John Bosco, and in celebrating the legacy of the Salesians, Bishop Greg asked all students and staff to see this statue as a reminder of goodness and care.

St Mar’s College has been running in the spirit and charism of St. John Bosco for many years. The Principal Greg Hay is a member of the Salesian Principals associations.

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