The People of the Philippines

Let us pray for and remember all those people and families in the Philippines whose lives, homes, properties and livelihoods were destroyed by Typhoon ‘Haiyan’ in recent times.

In particular, we stand in solidarity with those Salesians and Salesian Sisters whose communities and works were severely affected, especially in the Southern Philippines.

Let us do whatever we can in the way of financial support and practical fund-raising to support the current relief effort both in the Philippines as a whole, and amongst the Salesian communities of that country in particular.

Lord, please bring courage, strength and healing to all the people who were devastated by the terrible storm in the Philippines.
For all who are now without home or livelihood because of Typhoon Haiyan – help them O God.
For all who have lost loved ones in the disaster – give them faith.
For all who have perished – grant Eternal Life.
For those who will rebuild – give strength and good leadership.
Grant us the wisdom to serve others as Christian disciples.
Help us never to forget your command to love the poor and needy.
Help us do what we can to relieve the pain of those who suffer.
We ask this is Jesus’ name. Amen.

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