The Solomons, the Archbishop and the Sisters

The Solomon Islands have been part of the South Pacific Region of the Salesian Sisters together with Australia and Samoa for a number of years. Currently, a few Salesian Sisters involved in the education and vocational training of young women in the Solomon Islands. Their work is recognized and valued by the people of the Solomons.

Recently, the Sisters were so blessed to have visited by the Archbishop of Honiara, Most Rev. Chris Cardone OP, to their community in Henderson. Archbishop Cardone celebrated a Mass with the Sisters in their community chapel. A very simple Archbishop with an alb and stole, no shoes on his feet, celebrated the Mass very prayerfully to the delight of the Sisters.

Following the Eucharist, Archbishop Caldone also shared a meal with the Sisters. Generally, Archbishop Cardone and the Salesian Sisters are considered as mission partners. They work closely together, supporting each other, for a better future of the Solomons.

The Provincial of the Salesian Sisters, Edna-Mary, who was present at the Mass and meal, commented that it was a lovely experience of Church, journeying together for the good of all.

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  1. I was privileged in early 2016, when Fr Dominic sdb was Head of Henderson sdb, to visit DB school and other institutions in Solomon Islands, together with my friend Freddy and his wife Norma.We were impressed with the work of the Salesians and the Salesian Sisters and other sisters. We enjoyed the hospitality of these communities and were impressed with the friendliness of the people. I do wish the work in SI every blessing.

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