Two Provincials for a Perpetual Profession

Celebration of the feast of St. John Bosco at St. Margaret Mary's church was very unique and powerful in the evening of 31st January 2012. The provincial of the Australian-Pacific province, Fr Greg Chambers and that of South Korean province, Fr. Stefano Nam led the Eucharist assisted by many Salesian priests and a few other clergy.

Fr. Nam is in Austraila to be part of this celebration, and particularly to receive the perpetual vow from Br. Benedict Yongsik Kim of his province who has been studying in Australia.

It brought many to tears seeing the perpetual profession celebrated within this Eucharist. Br. Ben has committed himself forever to God before his provincial, Fr. Nam. Two Salesian priests, Fr. Peter Rankin and Fr. Will Matthews stood as witnesses for him during his profession.

The parents of Br. Ben also flew in from South Korea to be part of their son's perpetual profession. They were also blessed by another son who was ordained a Salesian deacon in Seoul the week before.

Br. Ben gave a thank-you speech both in Korean and English after the communion. A unique moment was Br. Ben kneeling before his parents on the ground and giving them a bow, touching his forehead to the ground after his thank-you speech. A powerful act in Asian tradition!

Refreshments were served in the parish hall after the Eucharist.

It is always great to celebrate St. John Bosco on 31st January. But, 2012 is somewhat unique and enriching for all, and particularly for Br. Ben.

Congratulations to Br. Ben Yongsik Kim!