Year 9 Faith Formation Day

Faith Formation Day

Faith Formation DayXavier College, Gawler SA

The theme of this year’s Faith Formation Day on Wednesday February 23 was Life is a Gameshow – Making Decisions as Responding to Conscience.

This theme used the analogy of television game shows to explore the many factors that affect the decisions teenagers make relating to faith, values, and life direction. The day also addressed what students refer to as peer pressure?.

In today’s society many young people have discovered how costly it can be to make wrong decisions. This is only highlighted by the number of young Australians who have found themselves in serious trouble by breaching drug  related laws in the South East Asian nations.

The Faith Formation Day was facilitated by “Youth Impact”, a team of young Catholics from Western Australia and as you can see from the photographs, the team always deliver their themes in a way that is fun and relevant to their audience.