Year Seven Emmaus Journey Retreat

Year 7 Retreat

Dominic College, Glenorchy, Tasmania

Last Wednesday, 16th February, all Year Seven students were involved in a retreat day aimed at helping them strengthen their relationships with those in their class and to help them reflect on their journey ahead.

Year 7 RetreatThe story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus was used throughout the day to illustrate that often we don’t see the bigger picture straight away and we need companions and guides to help us along the way.

The physical challenge of a long walk in the foothills of Mount Wellington was evident in many of the comments made at the end of the day, but hopefully students will be able to make the connection between the difficult moments in their own life journey and the those on the walk.

The students commented on their day:

I was a lot more open to people in my group, even the people I didn’t know. [Molly McGovern]

I don’t like to hike up hill, but if I am encouraged I can do it. [Patrick De Martino]

I learnt that I can conquer great things in life and that I have great friends. [Jacob Woodmasee]

If I push myself hard I can get something back in return. [Taylah]

If I am positive and having fun its easier to do things. [Louise Stubs]