Students are informed about the new water system

Salesians first arrived in 1998, withthe intention of educating young people. Around 30% of the population live below the poverty line, with strict traditional gender roles meaning that living conditions and opportunities for women are well behind that of men.

96% of the population identify as Muslim, which meant that the Salesians needed to develop an innovative teaching style. A testament to the great success of these pioneers and the ones who have carried the torch since - Salesian educational centres are considered some of the best in the entire country!

Over 1,100 students and 100 teachers at Don Bosco schools in Lahore and Quetta, Pakistan, have clean drinking water thanks to donor funding in response to the “Clean Water Initiative” launched by the Salesians.

In Lahore, a commercial reverse osmosis purification system was added on the roof of Don Bosco Technical School along with a water tank and pump. An old water system was also repaired on the roof of the hostel and the Salesian residence. In Quetta, the project provided water dispensers and a demineraliser with adequate capacity.

I am studying electrical engineering at the Don Bosco Technical Centre,” said Naveed from Lahore. I really like the water that comes from our new purification system, it is something I am very grateful for!”

Salesian schools provide economic benefits, scholarships and accommodation for students from the poorest families to ensure that education is accessible to all people and incentivised in the eyes of parents considering the future of their children.

Although the country’s constitution acknowledges free and compulsory education between the ages of 5-16, the rule is often not followed in the poorer rural areas for those over 13.

The common view is that they are now old enough to find employment, or work in the home for a few years until they are old enough to move out and forge a new live elsewhere.

Republished from the Australian Salesian Bulletin - Autumn 2022
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