"If we want to have a good society, concentrate on the development of the young"

Fiji, a nation of about 330 islands, has always experienced the movement of people to the capital city, Suva, in search of work and in hope of better living conditions. As it tends to be the way, this has served to increase an already high level of youth unemployment, but also increased social problems as increasing numbers of young people are lured into drugs and crime.

Updates on the communites of Massey and Avondale

On 15 April, Fr James Adayadiel celebrated his 65 years of Salesian life with his community in New Zealand. Fr James joined the province in 1979 and has since held positions of responsibility as well as being Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Apia.

Samoa Benefits greatly from the Salesian Missions.

The two Don Bosco Schools in Samoa were established to provide young people with the skills that would enable them to find work in a country that otherwise experiences high levels of youth unemployment and non-completion of formal education.