This article was originally written in October of 2019.

There are many fine traditions that surround Christmas. From the most pious priest to the most adamant atheist, there’s one tradition that just about everyone seems to get behind: lamenting the appearance of Christmas merchandise in shops during mid-October.

The Rector Major has chosen “Good Christians and Honest Citizens” to be the theme for the 2020 Salesian Strenna. To celebrate this, throughout 2020, The Salesian Bulletin will be interviewing members of the Salesian Family who exhibit these qualities.

My life until I was 12 or 13 was like, what seemed to me to be the perfect life”, recalls Steph, now in her early twenties, a pensive look on her face. “I had heaps of friends; my family was awesome; I loved being at school, I loved being at home. And then, yeah, once I hit 13, my parents split up and I learnt more about the world and realized my little bubble wasn’t everything.”