Kakada was an exceptionally quiet boy; shy and very hesitant to do anything that would make him stand out. Of course, this is only natural for any boy of his age at a new school and seeing a foreigner for the first time! Yet, all it took for him to come out of his shell was just a moment of interaction, a mere second or two of interest.

A timely reminder that a person's worth is not just their job.

The title of this article is a lie - of course I want a job! Do I want a job as much as I feel that I need a job? No. As much as somewhere inside me there is an urge for a job, if I were to get a job tomorrow, it would be purely to fulfil my financial needs. “Isn’t that why everyone has a job?” I hear you ask, and to that I answer: “well, maybe it is but oh how I hope I (we) can work for so much more”!