Sr Kim penned this reflection after making her final vows of perpetual profession.

When I told my family that I would join the Salesian sisters they were very worried wondering if I could persevere with the rules of religious life or not. One of my sisters even said to me that if religious life is not for you, go home look after mum and dad and God will be equally happy. 

Indeed, God will be happy for me to follow my heart desire, and I thank my loving parents and siblings for supporting me and let me go and live my dream. Looking back at my journey, everything is a grace from God. I did not choose God, He chose me instead. With a grateful heart I give thanks to God for all his blessings and for giving me the most beautiful vocation.  

At the same time, I acknowledge that to live a life committed to Christ in the world today will cost my life. As Fr Larry Richards writes in his book Surrender, ‘I get to show the world Jesus. What a life!’ 

It is a beautiful invitation that God has offered me, and He keeps inviting me to deepen my life with Him, to remain in His love and bear much fruit so that the world can see Him more and more. I accept the invitation! All I do now is let God hold my hand, and together we will continue the journey towards the destiny that He has already set out for me. I believe that the journey His heart desires for me will be very beautiful. 

The journey of following God is about doing what God wants. It is not about doing what I want. It is always a challenge and requires discernment with an open heart so that God’s grace can be channelled into my life. 

Trust in God will always give me the strength to continue the journey on which I am already sailing. All I need is to focus on God alone, so that, like Peter, I may walk on the waters towards Jesus. My hope is from my Beloved, and I pray that my faith may remain firm and keep me sailing towards the deep. 
Here is my prayer to God:

This is my heart, O Lord
I give it all to you
to keep forevermore
and fill it with your love.

When worries weigh me down
when fear and cares increase
I know you’re always there
to lead me into peace.

All that I ask, O Lord
is to remain in you
as you remain in me
and so to bear much fruit.

I have but one desire:
to love you as you have loved.
I want for nothing more
For me, this is enough.

The journey toward God is a journey of joy and peace, and with St Augustine, I pray fervently:
“Give me what you have chosen for me, and bring about in me what you desire for me.” Amen.


This story originally appeared in the Autumn 2023 edition of the Australian Salesian Bulletin