Kakada was an exceptionally quiet boy; shy and very hesitant to do anything that would make him stand out. Of course, this is only natural for any boy of his age at a new school and seeing a foreigner for the first time! Yet, all it took for him to come out of his shell was just a moment of interaction, a mere second or two of interest.

The start of school holidays always marks a peak in activity at the Don Bosco Youth Centre in Brunswick!

As Victorian students enter their hard-earned two weeks of school holidays, they will no doubt have little other than rest, relaxation and recreation on their minds. For Br David O’Brien, Fr Peter Kerin and the staff of the Brunswick Youth Centre, the next two weeks will be anything but!

Holiness is Happiness!!!

By now, OzBosco has well and truly established itself as the premier youth event on the Salesian calendar in Australia, and for very good reason. The latest rendition, held from 3 to 5 May at the Don Bosco Camp and Centre in Safety Beach was another roaring success; a weekend full of friends, fun and formation for more than 120 young people gathered there from all around Australia.

A timely reminder that a person's worth is not just their job.

The title of this article is a lie - of course I want a job! Do I want a job as much as I feel that I need a job? No. As much as somewhere inside me there is an urge for a job, if I were to get a job tomorrow, it would be purely to fulfil my financial needs. “Isn’t that why everyone has a job?” I hear you ask, and to that I answer: “well, maybe it is but oh how I hope I (we) can work for so much more”!

From Melbourne to Panama via LA and Costa Rica - this truly was a pilgramage for the ages!

A 16 hour plane ride that leaves at 7:40am but then also lands at 6:10am on the same day albeit in a foreign land is enough to take the wind out of anyone’s sails. However, for our group of 22 pilgrims, fearlessly led by Romina Martiniello and Lauren Hichaaba on our way to Panama for World Youth Day, this simply wasn’t an option! As the group filed into the St Joseph Salesian Retreat Centre in Los Angeles, USA, the scent of a freshly cooked breakfast feast filled their nostrils – and the whirlwind adventures began for real!