On Monday 12th of August, the Scoresby sister’s community was joined by the communities from Clayton and Broadmeadows to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sr Carmel Krohn's First Profession.

“Youth for A Positive Change” is a youth group based in Malololelei, Samoa that brings young people together empowering them to make changes in their lives for their betterment and growth. The group enablse and empowers young people to find meaning and purpose in their life, They also want to learn more about God, the Salesian way of living and BE the change they want to see.

This reflection by Mother Yvonne was released earlier on this year, reflecting on the Strenna for 2019. At the mid-way point of this year, this article serves as a timely reminder for us all on how and why to live joyfully for ourselves and for others.

Whilst there were some complications, nothing could truly stop this trip from being a great success!!

Sr Runita Borga is the FMA’s worldwide delegate for youth and recently toured the province, hoping to gain a "bird’s-eye" view of Salesian Youth Ministry in Australia, Samoa and the Solomon Islands.

In the present atmosphere of increasing global fear of terrorism, the following thoughts of Mother Evonne are indeed timely

At the meeting Free from fear, Pope Francis highlighted significant biblical episodes through which God speaks to us even today. They orient and guide with the same gaze of compassion to the migration phenomena that increasingly assumes planetary dimensions (Cf. Homily, 15 February 2019).