On Thursday the 15th of August, St Joseph’s Primary school in Collingwood, Melbourne gathered for a whole school mass to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. Two students of the school, Brandon and Benji also celebrated their baptisms into the faith.

It was a beautiful ceremony for the whole school community to be a part of, not only sharing faith but officially welcoming two newcomers into God’s family. How fitting that they should join when we celebrate Mary entering heaven, body and soul. Her strength and faith will be with them throughout their entire lives; their faith journey’s will be accompanied by her, just as ours are!

While the assumption is not explicitly mentioned in the bible, it is a tradition that has been handed down from the earliest days of the church. Mary was assumed body and should into heaven because she is special to God – she said Yes! God also wanted to show to us what awaits all of us; bodily resurrection through Jesus.