Members of BEE pour their home-made Eco-Enzyme into a local waterway
Fr Andre is a member of the St John Bosco Parish in Jakarta, where he has earnt a reputation amongst the young people as a uniquely entertaining musican!

Organic waste can be decomposed in nature, however large populations often create excessive amounts, in forms that do not break down easily. Left unchecked, even what started off as good intentions to dispose of organic waste properly can still cause great damage to the earth if not managed correctly. The good news is that organic waste from the kitchen can be a blessing, in the form of Eco-Enzyme!

Eco-Enzyme is a liquid with a million benefits, one of which is that it is easily made in any kitchen! Organic waste (especially fruit peels and raw vegetables) is mixed with sugar and left to ferment for about 3 months. Eco-Enzyme’s antibacterial and antiviral resistance properties makes it great for cleaning drains, floors, bathrooms, dishes, fruits, vegetables, and even your body!

It can be used to improve air quality by removing foul odours and ward insects away. It can even be added to a garden as a nutrient-rich fertilizer or as a means of keeping pests away from budding crops! It can be employed as a natural household cleanser, used as a treatment for minor wounds and to improve air and water quality.

With just a little bit of planning, Eco-Enzyme is a very simply substance to make!

Two years ago, St John Bosco Parish in Jakarta, Indonesia, launched the Bosco Eco-Enzyme (BEE) community. BEE is made up of parishioners, religious, housewives, students, and some government officials all of whom are united by one key factor; they are responding to the call of ecological conversion, especially in the efforts of caring for our Common Home.

BEE’s membership is not limited by ethnicity, status or even religion, giving all of its members the opportunity to become a blessing for those here in the present and for the children yet to inherit the Earth. Non-Catholic members are especially embraced and encouraged to be involved, ensuring that the prize of a cleaner tomorrow is built on what unites us as humans, sharing a common home.

The community has delivered Eco Enzyme to purify water and air in places affected by natural disasters like the earthquake in Samarinda (2021), and to Kudus city, the epicentre of COVID-19 in Indonesia. They have also conducted various webinars and lectures sharing information about the making and the benefits of Eco Enzyme.

To mark Don Bosco’s feast day this year, BEE decided to improve the water quality of an 11-hectare lake located in the parish area. After examining the water quality to determine what was needed, the parish has begun a joint project to heal the lake. Every week, the parish collaborates with several Eco-Enzyme communities and local government, culminating in 250 litres of Eco-Enzyme added to the lake.

“This commitment sure is a big project. We hope that by pouring our heart and works into this joint project, which serves as a concrete manifestation of ecological conversion, it will bring blessings to the earth and to us humans who inhabit it,”says Fr André Delimarta. “Let us turn organic waste into blessing!"

Republished from the Australian Salesian Bulletin - Autumn 2022
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