This week was a rubbish free week where students tried their best to not bring any rubbish to school in their lunch boxes.

The aim of this week was to try to encourage students to eat healthier foods which don’t have wrappers and also to encourage students to be environmentally friendly by not bringing any rubbish to school.

Most students were really excited about this event and here are some of the things they chanted:

  • ‘Save the turtles!
  • ‘Save animals dying!
  • ‘Help make the world a better place!

Rubbish is one of the biggest threats to the environment and our future. By encouraging students to do the right thing now by reducing the amount of waste we produce, we’ll all have a brighter, cleaner and healthier future ahead of us. This is one of the ways we can reduce the amount of rubbish in our environment.

Other ways we can reduce the amount of rubbish in our environment are making sure our rubbish goes straight into the bins instead of on the floor, putting our rubbish into the correct bins and not just dumping it in any random bin, trying to recycle things that can be recycled, and also by buying products without wrappers.

We hope that from now onwards we can all follow these simple rules and help make our environment a safer, happier, cleaner, healthier and brighter place!

This image shows just how much rubbish can be prevented from going to landfill with just a little bit of thought and preperation!