Coding and Robotics classes are preparing students for a big future!

Iskra is a year 10 student at Salesian College Chadstone

In Coding and Robotics this semester, we are learning about Robotics, using VEX IQ robots along with coding giving the course an even balance.

The Robotics part of this elective has been a blast, we have enjoyed building and constructing different designs and improvements of the robots and testing it out with the Remote controller and autonomously (using VEX-code IQ App). This part provides a wide range of STEM based tasks and many learning opportunities.

The coding part of this elective has allowed us to open our minds and given us a sense of how to code in Python and how to face and conquer the challenges of the code we make; the coding part is very challenging and many mistakes can be made, but in this class we are learning how to improve these mistakes and fix them by iterating and refining our codes.

A bird's eye view of the project.

We are also planning to compete in a Robotics tournament soon. We hope to make our College proud as well as engage with other teams and learn new robotics skills.

The Coding and Robotics classes have been very engaging and we have been really enjoying it. We are the first group of students to try out this subject and feel privileged to be the first and take on it’s wonders and challenges so on behalf of my class we would like to thank the College for giving us this opportunity and we hope that the subject thrives and expands.

Robotics is a relevant and a sought after pathway in Universities and this course provides a window into the future for me and my classmates.”

With thanks to Salesian College Chadstone for this story.