The Covid-19 pandemic in Thailand goes on, where the number of people who remain infected is somewhere between 2,300 - 3,000 people. There have been infections ranging from those working in big factories around the many provinces, as well as infections in small villages. The government has put effort into bringing vaccines to the people, but percentage wise, the numbers are not high - more time is needed.

Further adding to humanitarian concerns is the precarious situation just over the border in Myanmar, which has led to refugees fleeing into Thailand, due to their experiences of severe hardships.nWith all this in mind, the Salesian Family of Thailand could not remain at ease, so they reached out to these people in the best way they can.

A car filled to breaking point with food and supplies!

On 17 June 2021, Fr Aaron Alcoseba, the vice provincial, together with a wide range of groups from the Salesian Family joined forces to bring relief to the affected people. They prepared 500 food bags for the poor residents of the municipality of Khao Yoi, Phetchaburi Province and the municipality of Banpong, Ratchaburi Province.

Another 100 food bags were given to the refugees from Myanmar staying along the border of Kanchanaburi Province. This event was held at the grounds of the Office of the Salesian Society in Bangkok.

Food packages were greatfully recieved by those who needed themmost.

This activity was organized and coordinated by the Planning and Development Office of the Salesian Province, under the project "We Are In The Same Boat". On this special occasion, we thank Fr Sarawin Phatsrirueang, the assistant director of the Social Development Center of the Ratchaburi Diocese, for receiving these food bags to be distributed to the people infected by Covid-19. We also thank Mr. Surasit Jit-uthat, a personnel of COERR Kanchanaburi, for bringing the food bags to be handed to the refugees.

Since the areas affected by the Covid-19 pandemic have been put into lockdown and the refugees place was difficult to reach, bringing the goods directly to the recipients was impossible. Thank you 'Diocesan Social Action Center - Ratchaburi' [DISAC] and COERR - Kanchanaburi for acting as the 'human bridge' to bring the food donations to those who are suffering.

This story originally appeared in ANS.