On the 30th of November, 2019, four Salesian brothers will be ordained as deacons at St Joseph’s Church in Collingwood at 6pm. “I chose you” has been selected as the theme of the Mass and will be presided over by Salesian Archbishop of Perth, Tim Costelloe

When you look at the above image, what do you see? It is a cross, the symbol of Christianity. However, it is not our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who hangs on this one; rather, it bears the image of a poor boy. The message is clear and very strong: our Lord Jesus is being crucified in those who are being crucified in today’s world.

On Friday 16th August, Br Silvio Quaranta celebrated his 75th Anniversary of Salesian Profession with fellow Salesians and the residents of the St Joseph’s home in Northcote, Melbourne. A special lunch was served to mark the occasion, and Fr Chris Ford celebrated Eucharist, where he made special tribute to Silvio’s life story; a life that was joyfully dedicated to the Australia-Pacific province.

Mexican Missionary Fr Gabriel Cruz speaks a little about his missionary life thus far.

I've been in Lahore, Pakistan, for almost a year. It is a very complete Salesian work: with a boarding, primary and secondary school, technical school, Saturday oratory and many other activities. There are just three Salesians who run this presence. We have about 200 children and young people living with us or participating in our educational activities and services.